Bucks council unveils plan to switch vehicles to electric power

The council is looking to take a 'giant step' in cutting its carbon emissions

Friday, 12th November 2021, 9:54 am

Bucks Council has revealed plans to switch its vehicle fleet to electrical power by signing a letter of intent on Tuesday (November 10).

Bucks Council Leader Martin Tett signed the letter alongside the founder of Lunaz Group, David Lorenz.

Lunaz Group, specialises in vehicle restoration and electrification, it will be working with the council on this project in the years to come.

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Bucks Council announces its new green strategy

Councillor Tett said: “I’m very excited to sign this letter today. As a council we are fully committed to doing all we can do to cut our carbon emissions and we know that converting our diesel and petrol vehicles to electric power as soon as we can, would be a giant step towards doing that.

“We are delighted to be working with Lunaz, industry leaders in this field. Together we hope to explore the best ways for converting our existing fleet of vehicles to electric.

"Rather than scrapping them and buying new, the innovative technologies being developed and employed by Lunaz will help us to use a much greener option, to effectively upcycle and rejuvenate our current fleet to fully electric vehicles.”

Lunaz Group is tasked with exploring different ways council vehicles can be converted to electric power, looking at which technologies are available and what works best with each type of car.

Councillors Steven Broadbent, Martin Tett and Peter Strachan

David Lorenz, founder and CEO of Lunaz Group said: "Here at Lunaz we are passionate about converting existing vehicles into electric ones for the benefit of current and future generations. We are proud citizens of Buckinghamshire and we are delighted to see the vibrancy of the clean technology industry that is on display here today.

"Our model of working is more economically and ecologically viable. We help to prevent diesel and petrol vehicles from being sent to landfill by remodelling them to transition to clean air industry vehicles, giving them a new lease of life.

“Signing the letter with Buckinghamshire Council today is the first confirmation of many conversations to come. We all need to be more sustainable in how we approach many aspects of our lives to tackle climate change and here at Lunaz, supporting organisations like Buckinghamshire Council and others to embrace new, green technologies in transport is one of our key priorities."

The announcement came at the Green Wheels in Motion event, one of the COP26 Regional Roadshows that took place at the Lunaz Group’s Silverstone Enterprise Zone HQ on Wednesday.

The event focused on sustainable transport solutions, showcasing a range of technologies and initiatives being developed and used in Bucks to decarbonise transport.

Bucks Council recently published its 'climate change and air quality strategy' which sets out the details of how it plans to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change, it can be viewed here.

The council aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.