Aylesbury ducks get homecoming at RSPCA centre after being dumped in nearby town

Fishermen saved two birds which were unceremoniously abandoned.

By James Lowson
Friday, 10th September 2021, 9:54 am
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 9:56 am

The RSPCA is caring for two Aylesbury ducks which were left abandoned in Leighton Buzzard along with two others.

The Aylesbury ducks were saved by two fishermen at the Waterside Park, sadly the other two ducks were attacked and killed by wild mink.

The surviving ducks, which are described by the RSPCA as domestic Aylesbury/Pekin cross ducks, were fortunate nearby fishermen were staying by the park.

The heroic fishermen

The four wildlife heroes were: Dion Stephen Powell, Harry Jobling, Paul Sainsbury, and Michael Hostettler, they called the RSPCA after recovering one injured duck.

When RSPCA animal rescue officer Jane Folly arrived she set about rescuing the remaining live bird - however as the fisherman had waders on, they went into the water and retrieved the final duck.

The injured duck and the other live duck were collected by Jane and were taken to RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre for care in Waddesdon.

The pair have been named Frieda and Geraldine. Geraldine was the one with the wounds to the head, neck and left thigh. Her wounds were treated by a vet and now she has recovered, the pair are available for recovering.

Frieda and Geraldine

Jane said: “We are very grateful to the fisherman for saving two of the birds - they were just so helpful and did all they could to keep the birds safe.

“I am pleased to report that both birds are doing well and are recovering thanks to the care of the staff at Blackberry Farm.

“It’s really sad that someone decided to abandon these beautiful birds instead of asking for help.

“As they are domestic birds they just wouldn’t stand a chance in the wild as they just don’t have the right instincts which a wild bird would have.

“Sadly two were quickly attacked and killed.

“We are appealing for information to find the person who abandoned these birds and would ask anyone with information to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

“This incident highlights why it is never okay to abandon an animal. We understand that people sometimes end up in situations where they may struggle to care for their pet and we’d always urge anyone in that situation to seek help - abandoning them is not the answer.”