UPDATED WITH MORE SCHOOLS: A-Level results round-up

A-Level results from Aylesbury High School
A-Level results from Aylesbury High School

Students across the Vale are celebrating today (Thursday) after receiving their A-Level results.


A-Level results from Aylesbury Grammar School

A-Level results from Aylesbury Grammar School

At Aylesbury High just over 53% of the A Levels were awarded either an A* or an A grade.

Students Chantelle Foster, Bony Roy and Charlotte Tosti managed five A* grades at A Level, while 13 other girls gained at least three A* grades.

The overall average grade per student was up while five students are going to Oxford, seven to Cambridge, ten studying medicine and two studying veterinary medicine.

About 10% of the students will be deferring their entry until 2016 to allow them to take a gap year.

Students from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School celebrate picking up their A-Level results

Students from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School celebrate picking up their A-Level results

Alan Rosen, headteacher of Aylesbury High School said, “The results are a real reward for the students’ hard work and are a tribute to the support they have received from their teachers and support staff.

“It is fascinating to see the broad range of courses that our students are going to study, from Accountancy, Adult Nursing, Anthropology, Applied Marine Biology, Architecture and Astrophysics, all the way to Zoology!

“They have achieved all of this not only with their exam results but through everything else they have done at school, whether in sport, the arts, supporting charities, going on trips and expeditions, and enjoying themselves as well.”


A- Level results from the Grange School. Students Harry Simmons, Chloe Bicknell, Libby Parker, Alex Wood

A- Level results from the Grange School. Students Harry Simmons, Chloe Bicknell, Libby Parker, Alex Wood

Students at Aylesbury Grammar School are celebrating an outstanding set of A-level results with 74% of entries being graded B or better, and 45% of the entries achieving an A* or A grade.

18% of entries were graded A* with an overall pass rate of 99.3%.

40 students (21.6% of the year group) achieved A* or A grades in all their subjects and 64 students achieved at least three A grades.

Exceptional performances from Danny Burke, John Gardner, Will Smart and James Williams saw them rewarded with five A* grades each.

A-Level results from Waddesdon School

A-Level results from Waddesdon School

A further four students achieved four A* grades each.

Year 11 student, Michael Ng, sat his Mathematics A2 examination and scored an incredible 600 out of 600 and an A* grade.

Headmaster Mark Sturgeon said: “We are all extremely proud of the performance of the students this year.

“Their outcomes at A2 level are the gateway to their future and these results demonstrate that they are ready to move on to the next stage of their education and career with confidence.

“We wish them all the very best of luck.”

At AS Level, 63.3% of entries were graded A-B with 25 students achieving all A grades in their entries.

Tring school A Level results assistant head Mr Dobberson with his successful daughters Olivia Martha and Grace

Tring school A Level results assistant head Mr Dobberson with his successful daughters Olivia Martha and Grace

Six students (Michael Boylan, James Coe, James Cook, Huw Dalkin, Ed Jones and James Taylor) were rewarded with five A grades each and a further 29 students gained at least 4 A grades.


Students and staff at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School are celebrating an excellent set of A level results. The highest performing student was Michaela Chan with five A* grades at A level.

Among the A level candidates 74% of entries were given A* to B grades.

All seven students who had been given offers by Oxford and Cambridge universities are taking up their places next term.

Perhaps the most inspiring results were those gained by Ben Phan who arrived in the country having left a very difficult situation in Vietnam two years ago. With very little grasp of the English language and no qualifications he walked into Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School to see if he could join the sixth form.

Using the language of mathematics the school judged that he was a gifted young man and gave him a place.

He thrived in the school, his English improved, and now he has gained four A* grades at A level.

The Head of Sixth form Sarah Williams said that from the start she was delighted to see how well Ben settled into the school.

She said: “It felt as though we were taking a risk in giving Ben a place but as soon as he started working with us we realised that we had made absolutely the right decision.”

Ben says he is very grateful to the school for “transforming his life”.


Princes Risborough School is also celebrating its best ever A-Level and BTEC results. with the school achievingd a 100% pass rate.

Headteacher Pete Rowe said: “We are particularly pleased that we have our best ever A*-B grades.

“Our brightest students are regularly achieving the highest possible grades allowing them to access the best universities in the country.

“At AS a number of students have now received grades which will allow them to continue with their applications to Oxbridge.”

The school’s brightest starts were James Dodds with A grades in economics and geography and a Merit in travel and tourism, James Pallett achieving A grades in geography, law and economics, and an A* in economics from Becky Davies.

Mr Rowe added: “Students, parents and staff have put a huge amount of effort into achieving these superb results and can all be really happy and excited about the exciting future that lies ahead.”


Students from Waddesdon School are celebrating a record 99% pass rate with 78% of students achieving A*-C grades.

Deputy headteacher Matthew Abbot said: “Our students leave Waddesdon able to pursue their chosen courses at university, to take up apprenticeships or to enjoy and learn from opportunities overseas.

“They take with them the values and aspirations instilled in them by their teachers and their families and we wish them the best of luck.”


The Grange School in Aylesbury told us: “We are very pleased with the results of our Y12 and Y13 students this summer.

“The number of students who have gained 3A*-E grades in their A levels has risen again.

“The Y13 students worked hard to gain the grades they needed to allow them to continue with the next stage in their education or careers and we wish them every success.”


Students at Aylesbury College are celebrating after achieving a 97% pass rate in their A-level exams.

They are now preparing for a range of pathways, with many heading to university, starting Higher Education courses at the College, or beginning their careers.

One student who is heading to university after collecting his A-level results is Charlie Girling, who has been accepted into Bournemouth after completing his Communication and Culture, English Language and Media A-Levels.

He said: “I can’t wait to start my Marketing Communications course at Bournemouth University.

“Studying at Aylesbury College meant I was able to choose particular subjects relevant to my course.

“My time at Aylesbury College has been fantastic – everyone has been so friendly and the tutors have been extremely supportive.”

Collecting their AS results were Aidan Spinks and Olivia Fitzsimons, who are both progressing onto another year at Aylesbury College to complete their A-levels.

Aidan, who is studying A-level English Language, English Literature and Psychology said: “I am delighted I have achieved the grades needed to continue my A-levels at Aylesbury College.

“The tutors have been particularly helpful, and I am now on track to apply for University next year.”

Principal Karen Mitchell said: “I would like to congratulate all our students for their hard work and achievement.

“Everyone at the college is delighted to see so many of our students progressing on to university.

“I’m delighted with this year’s A-level results and wish these students every success in their futures.”


Students at the John Colet School have received some of their best A Level results in recent years.

Students achieved a 98% pass rate with 45% securing A* - B.

Three students achieved straight A* grades and others straight As.

Top performing students included:

Orie Amadi (A* in Maths, Biology and Chemistry)

Nick Dean (A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics)

Claire Friel (A* in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology)

Headteacher Christine McLintock said: “Once again I am thrilled at the results achieved by John Colet students.

“The A* - B pass rate is significantly higher than last year, which is particularly pleasing at a time when Government are saying they are upping the standards.

“Staff encourage students to have high expectations and to continually challenge themselves and it is clear that by doing this fantastic results can be achieved. “Well done to both the students and staff.”


A third of all students at Tring School walked away with A* and A grades with headteacher Sue Collings saluting their ‘amazing achievement.’

Three students - Thomas Easton, Matthew Foskett and Katie Holloway - each earned three A*s and an A.

Abigail Coleman collected two A*s and an A, whilst five others went home with an A* and two As; James Cullimore, Besty Ashburner, Megan Holt, Emma Williams and Amy Chaplin.

Mrs Collings said: “The outstanding achievements are the result of hard work by the students, staff, governors and families which continues to be a feature for Tring School Sixth Form.

“Our Head students did fantastically well especially given the enormous work load they have had with their leadership roles; Luke Barham achieved A*, A and a B, Ellen Price gained two As and a B, Matt Simpson achieved A* and two As, and Alice Beeny achieved an A and two Bs.

“These students, along with the rest of the year group, have embraced every learning opportunity and their results are proof that Tring School is a great place for education.

“Students, parents, staff and governors are all very proud of our A’ Level results and of the school’s academic reputation.

“We continue to strive for excellence in all we do and our passion, determination and commitment to our students and their achievements is first rate.”