Headteacher welcomes consultation on future of accommodation at Pebble Brook School

Pebble Brook School, Aylesbury
Pebble Brook School, Aylesbury

The headteacher of Pebble Brook School has welcomed a consultation on the future of its boarding facilities saying they will continue to try and do the best they could for pupils regardless of the outcome of it.

The accommodation has been awaiting refurbishment for a number of years but headteacher David Miller said that this could not start until they knew about the future of the residential facilities, which have been around since the school started more than fifty years ago.

He said: “Bucks County Council were asked to invest in 2015 to upgrade the facilities here but they said that would depend on the result of a consultation.

“We are delighted that they are working in partnership with us on the issue and that the consultation has started.

“Whatever happens with this consultation we are focused on providing the best outcomes for our pupils.

The school’s residential facilities were inspected by Ofsted’s social care department in March, a different arm of Ofsted to the one that inspects the educational side of schools.

The report was very critical of the boarding facilities but Mr Miller said: “The issues identified in the original report in March have all been addressed and the monitoring report (in July) acknowledged this.”

Mr Miller said he was expecting Ofsted to return to inspect the educational arm of the school during the new term.

During their last visit in 2013, they graded the educational arm of the school as ‘Good’ praising the school’s rapid improvement, good teaching and the excellent behaviour of its students.

Mr Miller said he was very proud of the school’s progress particularly in preparing pupils for life after they leave Pebble Brook.

He said: “We place a focus on developing core skills of our pupils.

“Over the last four years we have a 100% success rate in terms of pupils going on to employment, apprenticeships or college placements.

“We have a good track record with this and I am also very proud that we have another ex-pupil who will be joining the staffing team in September.

“I look forward to welcoming another 20 pupils in September which will mean a slight increase in our total number of pupils, which is 120 at the moment.

“Another change in the new term is that we are introducing a blazer and tie uniform.

“We consulted the pupils about this and it was something they wanted.

“This is another example of how we are all working together to create a positive learning environment.”