Extra computer training sessions running at library

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Editorial image

Aylesbury Library is running a series of courses to help people looking to gain basic computer skills.

The sessions, which are free of charge, are funded by a Government grant through the Tinder Foundation.

Currently there are four one-hour sessions a week, however the £1,250 grant will pay for an extra two sessions on Thursday afternoons until the end of March.

The sessions include information ranging from learning how to apply for a job online, to filling in Government forms, reading e-books, and keeping in touch with family overseas by Skype.

Martin Phillips, cabinet member for community engagement and public health said: “This is really good ground floor training that will enable people to get on the first rung of the digital ladder, and help them to take advantage of the online services available today.”

Up to 75 people can attend the classes.

To reserve a place call 01296 383252.