County schools buck national trend with 92% of schools in Buckinghamshire meeting Ofsted expectations

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Data collated from the shows that 11% of schools in England don't meet expectations, including 7% of schools in Buckinghamshire.

Schools across Buckinghamshire ranked as follows:

Ofsted Mapped

Ofsted Mapped

Outstanding Schools - 26

Good Schools - 66

Requires Improvement - 5

Inadequate Schools - 3

Ofsted data from August 2017 has revealed that 2,274, or 11%, of schools were deemed ‘inadequate’ or ‘requiring improvement’ in England - representing just over 1 in 10 schools.

The results also broke down the Ofsted data by region, revealing the percentage of unsatisfactory schools in the South East of England.

In this area, 3,241 schools were inspected and 328 institutions were considered inadequate or requiring improvement.

This figure represents 10% of the total, the equivalent of 1 in 10 schools.

The worst area for schooling in the South East was the Isle of Wight, where a whopping 22% of schools inspected didn’t meet Ofsted expectations. On the other hand, Surrey housed the most ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ schools in the area. 95% of schools received this judgement from Ofsted in August 2017.

Ofsted, responsible for reviewing a range of educational institutions across the UK, has recently revealed changes to their inspection strategy moving forward to 2022.

These include inspecting top schools more often, making reports more accessible to parents and listening to the views of employers, learners and parents.

With an increase in parent involvement, Ofsted reports have become more relevant than ever when deciding which school is the best option for your child.

In a report published today. which has considered official Ofsted reports released at the end of September, to determine which regions in England have the most highly rated schools, and where parents are happiest with the schools their children go to.

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