Aylesbury Vale Academy ‘moving in the right direction’

Principal Fiona Froment outside the  Aylesbury Vale Academy
Principal Fiona Froment outside the Aylesbury Vale Academy

An Ofsted inspector says Aylesbury Vale Academy is making progress after being told it required improvement in September.

During a recent ‘monitoring’ visit inspector Sarah Hubbard held meetings with staff and observed English and maths classes.

In a letter sent to academy principal Fiona Froment, she writes: “You are resolute in your determination to improve the academy.

“As a result of the well-prioritised actions you are taking, the academy is moving in the right direction.”

The report adds that ‘the assistant vice principal is monitoring students’ attendance carefully and attendance is improving as a result’.

“Fixed penalty notices have been used successfully to improve the attendance of students who are persistently absent.”

It says the evaluation of teaching has improved but says further progress needs to be made in this area.

Ms Hubbard writes: “Subject leaders are becoming more accurate in evaluating teaching because lesson observations are conducted alongside senior leaders.

“However, these leaders are not yet placing sufficient emphasis on whether all students in the class are making progress over time.

“In some classes, students who have quickly moved ahead with their work are not being challenged to extend their learning.

“Similarly in a minority of classes in mathematics, lower attaining students were not given tasks which they could successfully and usefully complete independently.

“They were too reliant on the teachers’ help and their progress was slowed down by waiting for the teacher to come over to help them.”

The Aylesbury Vale Academy replaced Quarrendon School in 2009 and moved to Berryfields in 2013.