EDITOR'S COMMENT: No excuse for passing the buck on recycling

This week we've covered news that the Bledlow recycling centre in Buckinghamshire is earmarked for the chop, and plans to close it are out to consultation.
Hayley O'KeeffeHayley O'Keeffe
Hayley O'Keeffe

In a world where we are increasingly having to watch the earth’s resources as a matter of necessity rather than a lifestyle choice, surely this spells bad news?

It should be down to councils and the government to make recycling as easy as possible - because it’s really important.

A recent government drive which appeared in a lot of national media highlighted the items that we shouldn’t be putting in our blue bins.

These included unwashed cans, and ready meal packaging.

All well and good - but the fact of the matter is that many people are still not going to wash their cans because they don’t know.

Surely it’s the job of the authorities that we pay, to put systems in place to ensure that, just because we’ve fallen at the final hurdle, the items will not just head for landfill because they missed a rinse?

Why can’t we recycle ready meal packaging, surely one of the most disgarded items for many people?

Shouldn’t food companies be forced to change their ways too?

All food for thought - but saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility, and no one should be passing the buck.

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