EDITOR'S COLUMN: The sad death of Tom Petty - and why we should prove the doubters wrong and get campaigning!

It's been a funny old week - I was out of the office for much of last week - so a lot of my job in the early part of this one seems to have been playing catch up - I'm sorry if you've emailed me and I didn't reply.
US rock star Tom Petty has died, his manager announced this morning.US rock star Tom Petty has died, his manager announced this morning.
US rock star Tom Petty has died, his manager announced this morning.

As music lovers here at The Bucks Herald we were also very sad to hear about the untimely death of one of our collective favourites Tom Petty.

Tom, like no doubt many young people of his generation decided that he wanted to be a musician after seeing The Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show.

But unlike those scores of ‘bedroom Beatles wannabees’ - Tom took it to the next level - he actually stuck his neck out and did something about it - and 80million records later - his legacy is something to truly be proud of.

I believe thatsticking your neck out and bravely following your dreams is something that we can all take from Tom - regardless of whether or not we liked his music.

Because no matter what those things are - those dreams that you are chasing - they have the potential to not only make you happy - but also make those around you happy too.

So as a fitting tribute - let’s all try and be more Tom Petty - and prove the doubters wrong by being ridiculously happy and fulfilled!

This week our lead story is concern over planning in Haddenham - you may remember that a month or so ago we did a similar in-depth feature on the situation in Aston Clinton.

Here at the Herald we are all about fighting your corner - so if there is ever something that you think we should be taking a look at please do not hesitate to get in touch. Planning of course is a huge issue here in Aylesbury Vale - and with the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan still not in place there are serious fears for the value of neighbourhood plans - and the housing numbers they set out.

If your community has an issue like Haddenham or Aston Clinton - or a different issue entirely let’s 
take it on - let’s get campaigning - and who knows, together we may even be able to exact to change and pressure on the powers that be to take our concerns more 
seriously. You can email me at [email protected] or give me a call on 01296 619718 - I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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