Editor’s Comment: Join me on the road to a new way of thinking

Roger Hawes
Roger Hawes

Let’s be honest Aylesbury’s road system is not the best and even a short journey across town can often turn into a frustrating drawn out crawl.

It is a simple matter of numbers of course, too many cars on roads that just can’t cope.

But are our town guardians thinking ‘outside the box’ enough about what often grinds us to a halt at certain times of the day?

I have been driving these roads for more than 30 years and whilst Aylesbury has continued to grow apace there has been very little in the way of extra tarmac laid.

This problem is recognised of course and there is lots of talk about new roads for the future. Plenty of traffic lights have been put in (too many maybe?) roundabouts removed and miles of white lines drawn compounding delays with the Aylesbury obsession of two lanes into one. This move alone has caused inevitable road rage hot spots which are difficult to avoid.

Bus lanes are in place to try and keep public transport on the move too and as you sit in jam after jam in the tiresome commute to work I guess you can at least applaud that decision.

Aylesbury at times is close to gridlock and unless something is sorted soon it could have an impact on business relocating here. So money may well do the talking in the end.

But here’s an idea for the transport authorities. How about launching a county council roads hit squad, a team with the remit

to look at ways of improving the roads and traffic flow economically. Perhaps they should invite drivers to share their experiences and encourage ideas. A sort of road sense consultation.

I for one would be happy to put forward some ideas.

For example introduce a box junction a the Oxford Road roundabout stopping cars blocking the routes when the crossing lights are red. An affordable option to keep traffic flowing perhaps.

Why not open up the bus lanes outside key times, recess stops wherever possible, and revisit the need for so many traffic lights, and lane mergers.And the list goes on.

Of course not every idea will be a good one, or even financially viable, but at least the authorities will be seen to be active in helping the beleaguered Aylesbury motorist.

So drivers of Aylesbury what do you think of my plan to get the town back on the move?

Is it just pie in the sky and Aylesbury roads are just no longer fit for purpose, or perhaps the town’s drivers are just rubbish?