Editor’s Comment: It’s election time - and it’s a strange one isn’t it....

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe
Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

I think uncertainty really is the name of the game this general election - because there’s just no telling what’s going to happen!

I’m sure we all have our own ideas about what we would like to happen, but this is the fourth general election that I’ve covered and this time certainly feels different to me.

Not least because of recent shock (or at least surprising for some) poll-busting voting results such as Donald Trump’s presidency or Brexit.

Facebook’s algorythm is rigged up to helpfully (or not) only show you posts which fit with what you like to click on.

This is super helpful for things like shopping, or getting tickets to the right art, theatre or music shows.

But how does this help us develop a balanced view when deciding who to vote for?

Our news feeds simply parrot back to us different versions our own views - and the national news media isn’t much better, barely concealling the fact that they are taking a side.

So in the face of so much manipulated information how do we decide what WE the voters think, what WE believe, and most importantly who deserves that all important tick from us on the ballot paper?

Well here’s what I’ve done - I’ve read all of the party manifestos.

I’ve also read every single leaflet that’s come through my door (and there have been plenty!) from our local candidates.

Just that - and I’m going to vote accordingly based on that.

I’m not going to say how I’m going to vote, because it doesn’t matter - and it doesn’t matter how you vote either.

Only that you do, and that you place your tick in the box based on what you think of what the parties and candidates are really promising.

Because finding those things out amid the cacophony of noise, bias and misinformation is getting increasingly more difficult isn’t it!

So here are links to the manifestos, in alphabetical order: