Ed Campbell wants Waddesdon to become plastic free!

Ed Campbell wants Waddesdon to become plastic free!
Ed Campbell wants Waddesdon to become plastic free!

Ed Campbell, who is in year 10 at Aylesbury Grammar School wants Waddesdon to become plastic free.

He is the community rep for an activist group called Surfers against Sewage, a marine conservation charity working with communities to protect oceans, waves, beaches and marine life.

Ed said: “My goal is to get my local village, Waddesdon, to become plastic free. I am writing to the majority of the companies in Waddesdon and have even got one cafe called 94 Coffee Shop to be plastic free!

“I have recently completed two River Cleans of the River Thame in Aylesbury, I was amazed and slightly scared by the amount of plastic pollution in Aylesbury, despite the Council having a whole team on Street Cleaning!

“We collected over 1000 plastic bottles, a tent, a scooter, a wardrobe, a Tesco Trolley and lots of other rubbish that was either dumped by the River or in the River. I also interviewed the Education Officer at Surfers Against Sewage, which was very interested to hear what he had to say!

Ed has been trying to get the council to listen to his concerns, and they he will now be attending a council meeting later tonight to discuss his concerns.

Ed said there are many things we can do to stop or minimise the extent of plastic pollution in our local areas, and Surfers against Sewage have produced an action plan to cut down on the amounts of plastic we use in day to day life.

“Even though we are one of the furthest counties from the sea, we can have disastrous effects on habitats both in Buckinghamshire and also near the sea."

Ed got involved with Surfers against sewage because he has family in Devon and Cornwall, and was shocked at the amounts of rubbish locally.

He continued:
“At the moment we are killing our planet. I’m 15 years old and don’t want to grow up on a dying planet. Let’s all join together and help create a future world which we can all live in and enjoy."