Dumped toilet removed from Aylesbury pavement

The dumped toilet on the pavement on Rabans Lane, Aylesbury
The dumped toilet on the pavement on Rabans Lane, Aylesbury

An abandoned toilet was seen obstructing the pavement in one area of Aylesbury this morning (Monday).

The item was dumped on the pavement on Rabans Lane and was seen by bemused drivers and passers-by as they headed to their workplaces on the industrial estate.

One said: "From a distance I saw there was something obstructing the footpath because people were stepping into the road to negotiate it but I couldn't see what it was.

"When I got there I was very surprised to find it was a toilet - sometimes people say Aylesbury is going down the toilet and now I know what they mean."

The incident was reported to Bucks County Council, who passed it on to Aylesbury Vale District Council because it was not something they dealt with.

The item was removed from the pavement on Monday afternoon and may well have been taken to the recycling centre - which is just a few minutes walk from where the item was abandoned.

A Waste Partnership for Bucks spokesman used this incident as an opportunity to highlight that the public played an important role in reporting fly-tipping.

They said: "Fly-tipping is an eyesore regardless of whether it's on a county lane or in a town.

"It can also cause a dangerous obstruction if left on the highway.

"The public play an important part in making the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire – the county council working with the four district councils in Buckinghamshire – aware of fly tipping incidents.

"If you see fly tipped waste, please use the online tool Fix My Street to report it – it's simple to do, and lets the partnership get on with the process of clearing the waste and trying to trace those responsible so that they can be prosecuted."

To report incidents visit www.fixmystreet.buckscc.gov.uk