Dual carriageway plans confirmed by Hampden Fields Consortium – but will it be ‘speedy’?

Hampden Fields map, released February 2016 (OS data licence number: AL100012293.  Copyright: SLR Consulting Ltd)
Hampden Fields map, released February 2016 (OS data licence number: AL100012293. Copyright: SLR Consulting Ltd)

The consortium behind the Hampden Fields proposals has confirmed it will build a dual carriageway eastern link road ‘if required’ by the authorities.

It comes after the Hampden Fields Action Group, which is against the plans for 3,000 homes near Aylesbury and Weston Turville, said there was no mention of a dual carriageway in documents submitted to planners.

It said: “As far as we can see, it is still planned to be a link road containing at least three sets of traffic lights, a roundabout and four pedestrian crossing points. Hardly the speedy way round this part of the town that some see as a benefit to set against the many other impacts of Hampden Fields.”

Chris Webbley, chairman of Hampden Fields Action Group, said: “The developer seems to be overstating their case so much. People are understandably very confused about what the developer has committed to deliver.

“We have had many residents approaching us feeling that they have been misled.

“The exaggreated claims in the expensive PR material simply do not match what is in the actual application. It could be thought that they are relying on the public not being willing to read through the detail of thousands of pages of the application.

“It is even more confusing to the public when the maps accompanying the application actually show a clear dual carriageway. It is clear that they are only applying for planning permission and we question whether there is a committment to actually build a dual carriageway. The public will rightly be seriously concerned by this.”

A spokesman for the consortium said: “A strategic Southern Link Road between the A41 Aston Clinton Road and the A413 Wendover Road will be delivered as part of the Hampden Fields proposals. Traffic modelling demonstrates that the Link Road will result in a reduction in traffic through Weston Turville and Bedgrove, and at the Walton Street Gyratory.

“The planning application includes provision for a dual carriageway, which the Hampden Fields Consortium is committed to delivering if required by the County Council and considered appropriate in planning terms. It will be discussed with the County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council and balanced against other planning obligations such as affordable housing, which is normal procedure. A final package will be agreed and publicised before the application is determined.

“The proposed Link Road will connect directly to the Eastern Link Road which is being brought forward through a combination of government and developer funding. Land is also reserved for an alternative junction arrangement on the A413 to enable connection with the future Stoke Mandeville by-pass which is expected to be delivered in association with HS2 mitigation.”