Don't put on your wet suit just yet... River Thame flood warnings due to 'faulty guage'

Flood warnings were in operation this morningFlood warnings were in operation this morning
Flood warnings were in operation this morning
Earlier flood warnings on the River Thames have been put down to a faulty gauge.

It's been arguably the hottest days of the year, so when flood warnings were issued by the MET office, a few eyebrows were raised in the Bucks Herald newsroom.

On a plus note, the EA are expecting weather prospects to be dry for the rest of the day.

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The report from the Environment Agency said: "The River and Flooding forecast is as follows: River levels on the Thame in the Cuddington area have been checked by a team on the ground, and are currently normal. The levels indicated last night have been attributed to a gauge fault.

"Property flooding is no longer expected. The weather prospects are for Monday to be dry during the day with showers moving in overnight. No significant impacts on river levels are anticipated."