Donald Trump is coming to the Vale, and here's what YOU had to say about it

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump is coming to Aylesbury Vale on Friday to have lunch with Prime Minister Theresa May.

And this week we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter what they thought about the news. As you can image - there was no shortage of comments so we picked the best ones for this round-up of your opinions.

Martin Hollands said: "He's welcome, as long as he and his retinue keep well away from me that is."Dill Gray added: "Don't want him here but we have no say in the matter."

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Stuart Hunter was more supportive of the President commenting: "Good ol boy, we need more politicians that have the own country's best interest at heart and not their own political gain."As was Mark Nowley adding: "Would rather have Trump than May..."And Shaun Walker expressed his support too saying: "He's welcome at my door any time, he upsets some people but he does a lot of good, look at North Korea. Lot of blinkered lefty remoaners about."

Nick Collard said that while he isn't a fan he didn't agree with many of the public protests against the visit, including the crop circle message which appeared in a Stoke Mandeville field this week: "Can’t say I’m a fan but don’t think it needs to result in mocking inflatables and offensive messages in fields."

Trump is visiting Chequers for a working lunch with the Prime Minister, but some of you pondered what it would be like, should Mr Trump decide to stop off in Aylesbury town centre too. Nick Whitfield said: "Ohhh is he visiting Popeye's Barbers?"Jenny Winfield tagged in her friend Jacqui and joked: "Get him over for a cup of tea."Adrian Mannall added: "Clearly no one told him about the parking charges or the lack of decent shops!"And Amy Carter said: "Where at? In the White Hart?!"

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