Does Thame chef make the best burger in the UK?

Could Thame be hiding its very own burger king?

It could indeed, because Jack Bull, head chef at The James Figg pub has made it through to the finals of the 2016 National Burger Awards.

Jack, 25, has worked at the pub since 2014, and says his burgers are the most popular dish on his menu.

He said: “I eat out a lot and eat a lot of burgers too.

“I honestly believe that ours are better than many I get served in other pubs and restaurants, and I think it’s down to the great ingredients and care that go into making them.

“We only use the best British beef from warrant holders Aubrey Allen, and we dedicate every Tuesday night to serving burgers.”

He added: “I’m really proud of my burgers,, so when I found out about this competition to find the country’s best burger I decided to go for it.

“Entering was really 
exciting; being chosen as a finalist was thrilling and now I can’t wait to cook for the judges in London next month to try and take the crown for best burger in the land.”

If Jack wins he will take hom ethe covetted title, as well as a £1,000 prize.

His shortlisted recipe is an Aubrey Allen burger served in a Brown Sugar Bakery brioche bun, with Monterey Jack cheddar and Aubrey Allen smoked bacon.

He will also have to take on a techincal burger challenge, 
using surprise ingredients given to him on the day of judging.

You can find out more about Jack and hos burgers at

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