Do you believe this man is nearly FIFTY years old?

Tristan Lee, 47, who lives in Tring has helped the lives of thousands of people with his work as The Gorgeousness Coach, holding workshops to help empower and motivate people to look after themselves.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 1:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 7:25 am
Tristan has always been interested in self care, and wants to help pass on helpful tips on food, fitness and skin care.

Tristan has always been interested in self care, and wants to help pass on helpful tips on food, fitness and skin care.

He has always been interested in skin care, and despite being nearly fifty years old, still regularly gets ID'd when buying alcohol because of his youthful looks. Tristan now passes on the knowledge he has learned through his own journey of self care, to others who are looking to improve themselves with workshops, and one to one sessions.

Tristan said: "It's always been a bit of a running joke with me and my friends with how young I look. But when I got to 40 years old, I was looking for a change of direction anyway and just thought maybe I could help people out with some tips I have learned on my own journey.

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"I started coaching and one to one sessions eight years ago but over the last three or four years things have really taken off. What I try and coach is serious business, but like anything in life you have to grab peoples attention - so in all sessions we like to keep things light and humorous.

He offers advice on healthy food, fitness and skin care, and gives simple and inexpensive solutions to help people achieve their individual goals.

Tristan released a book two months ago called Munch, Move, Moisturise, How to Age Gorgeously. It contains 47 tips on how people can build their self esteem through healthy life choices, 47 tips for Tristan's 47 years.

He added: "I want people to enjoy taking care of themselves, with realistic tips that will make a big difference in their health and appearance. It's a broad conversation i'm hoping to start, ageing isn't just about how you look, It's about how you feel - a few small tips can make people feel better about themselves which is what I want to do.

"I want to help people build their self esteem, confidence and mental health, but in a fun way where people can relate to the conversation. I do this by encouraging positive habits over a period of time that people can work into their everyday life. For more people it starts with food!"

For more information on Tristan's work, please visit: - you can also catch Tristan here, on facebook at Tristan's Gorgeousness Gang With a strong focus on self-value and self-belief, Tristan’s natural sense of humour is entertaining and his lust for life is infectious. However, his work is serious and there is a strong emphasis on positive mental health to help overcome emotional discomfort.