Diner horror as Aylesbury Nando's runs out of chicken

The popular Portuguese restaurant left punters baffled as it ran out of it's main fare....
Nandos AylesburyNandos Aylesbury
Nandos Aylesbury

Aylesbury-based lovers of grilled chicken were left in a flap on Bank Holiday Monday night when their local branch of Nando’s ran out of chicken.

The Exchange St branch of the popular Portuguese eateries were unable to provide revellers with many of their signature dishes due to a busy weekend and lack of a bank holiday delivery.

The news broke when disappointed customers tweeted that staff had told them much of the menu was unavailable

Tristain Somaiya, a local punter said: "It's unbelievable - It's like McDonald's running out of Burgers!

"I was there yesterday evening about 7pm. After waiting for a table to be seated we were told there was no quarter chicken, no half chicken, and no whole chicken!

"By the end of the meal I overheard the staff saying they only had butterfly chicken left.

"It's a complete joke. They blamed the bank holiday weekend for lack of deliveries.

"I was there for a meal to celebrate the New Year with my family. We couldn't celebrate before as my wife was working.

"It seemed as though a few people were so annoyed that they left.

"What was especially annoying was that we had specifically decided to go to the restaurant to redeem the cost of the whole chicken on our loyalty card but as they had run out we were told we couldn't"

This newspaper has attempted to contact Nando's for comment