Did kettle plugged into wrong socket cause floodlight failure during El Quackico? (and will the Aylesbury football derby ever get played?!)

Archive shot of Haywood Way under waterArchive shot of Haywood Way under water
Archive shot of Haywood Way under water
There was drama off the pitch during last night's Aylesbury football derby as the match was abandoned at half-time when the floodlights failed.

Aylesbury FC and Aylesbury United were originally supposed to play the fixture at Haywood Way on Boxing Day however the match was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

Since then, because of bad weather and cup matches the game had been re-arranged a further two times and now it will have to be rescheduled again.

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After a goalless and relatively uneventful 45 minutes of football, the half-time on-pitch entertainment featuring youth football team the Bedgrove Dynamos doing a penalty shoot-out began.

Halfway through this the floodlights unexpectedly went out, although lights still remained on in the kitchen, toilets and bar at the ground.

The first announcement came ten minutes after the lights went out and said they should be back on at about 9pm.

When this did not happen, there was a second announcement saying the referee had given FC staff until 9.30pm to sort the problem out otherwise the game would be called off.

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Confirmation of the postponement then came over the tannoy at 9.15pm.

Unconfirmed reports suggested the floodlight failure was caused by a kettle being plugged into the wrong socket in the kitchen.

Aylesbury United manager Glyn Creaser said afterwards: “It’s one of those things that you just have to put up with – you can’t do anything about it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a game being called off at half-time because of floodlight failure.“

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Aylesbury FC manager Steve Bateman said: “I had this happen during my first managerial job at Berkhamsted Town.

“They had something of a known issue whereby if they had someone cooking in the kitchen, the showers heating and something else go on all at the same time it would trip out.

“I had two or three evenings experiencing that but we did get back on the pitch. It is one of those things.

“It is something for the club to sort out between now and our next midweek home game.

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“I have no idea what caused it – I’m not an electrician. Somebody said there was something going on in the kitchen which tripped something out – but I’ll leave that to the experts.”

The fixture has been labelled El Quackico as a nod to the town’s famous Aylesbury Ducks and the famous Barcelona- Real Madrid derby, called El Clasico.

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