Developer looking for land in North Bucks to build supportive housing for disabled people

A developer that wants to build supportive housing for vulnerable people is looking for land in North Bucks.

HB Villages is speaking to landowners in the area, but has also set up a hotline to encourage anyone with suitable land to get in touch.

The firm said that demand is soaring for specialist supported housing, which will enable people with physical disabilities to live a more independent life.

It says that development in this area would also create a number of construction jobs in the first instance, and then staff would be needed to provide care at the site when it opened, and that residents from the local community usually are those who move into the properties.

Alastair Sheehan (pictured), development director of HB Villages, said: “Every town in Bucks, but especially North Bucks is a real focus for us because both local and county councils are proactive, innovative and North Bucks is nationally reputed for its housing strategy.

“We’ve got a good relationship with the county’s commissioning team and we’re constantly searching for sites, for both working age disabled adults and older person’s extra care schemes.

“Land opportunities are extremely scarce in decent, sustainable locations however.

“We’re exploring a number of sites in residential locations and on the edge of town centres of between 0.4 acres and 2 acres across Buckinghamshire.

“It’s about getting better outcomes for vulnerable people in our society and we’re confident that landowners looking to sell land will be enticed by our offer of paying the market rate and building something which is socially responsible.”

HB Villages has set up a specialist hotline for landowners who are in a position to assist on (0161) 711 0680.

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