Day out on the farm for residents

Prebendal Close residents visit Woad Farm
Prebendal Close residents visit Woad Farm

Residents from the Masonic Housing Association accommodation at Prebendal Close, in Aylesbury, visited Woad Farm, in Hanslope, during a day sponsored and organised by Milton Keynes Lodge of Freemasons.

Nigel Stacey, a member of the lodge who also owns and runs the dairy farm, was on hand to give the group a full brief about modern dairy farming techniques during the outing on Wednesday, May 25.

There also followed a short talk on the effects that milk quotas have on the world market and hence the continual decline in the number of dairy farmers in the UK.

A lovely lunch in the bracing May air was enjoyed, including

home cooked beef, chicken, sausages and salad, rounded off with fresh strawberries, cheese and biscuits, and accompanied by wine. The whole meal was served by members of the Milton Keynes Lodge.

The residents of Prebendal House passed their thanks to Nigel and the other members of the lodge for a most pleasant visit, and were returned home safe and sound after a most interesting day in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Nigel said: “It was a pleasure to have the residents from Prebendal Close along for the day. Milton Keynes Lodge is always keen to promote Freemasonry in the community and this was just one of the many and varied ways in which Freemasons’ core values of friendship, integrity and charity are used to benefit all areas of the community in Buckinghamshire.”


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