Cutting edge technology as Waddesdon Manor trials iMow

The iMow is unveiled at Waddesdon Manor
The iMow is unveiled at Waddesdon Manor

A robotic lawn mower could soon be making sure the manor grass is looking pristine this autumn.

The Viking iMow is on trial at the National Trust estate and if its lawn mowing is a cut above the rest, it will join the gardening team.

It is powered by batteries and automatically avoids obstacles such as flower beds while mowing up to an acre of grass at a time.

Head gardener Paul Farnell said: “Robotic mowers are definitely the future.

“We have a 15-man team here at Waddesdon Manor that are kept extremely busy with the 165 acre garden and park, so any extra help is most welcomed.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how the iMow gets on – it will certainly save us a good couple of hours of mowing each week.”

Briants installed the iMow and the Viking team provided Paul with more STIHL products to add to his armoury.