Crown Leys Residents 'at wits end' over selfish parking on green space

Residents on Crown Leys are fed up with people parking on the grass outside Aylesbury Mosque.

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 1:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 4:32 pm
What a mess!

The green area which local people use to walk their dogs and which kids use to play football has been completely churned up into mud because of people parking on the grass after recent poor weather.

Local residents say they are completely fed up and are at wits end.

They are now calling on the council to provide perimeter boulders similar to the one's on Narbeth Drive's green area.

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Residents are fed up with people parking and littering the green area

Another disgruntled resident said: "If this was Bedgrove or any other affluent area in Aylesbury, do you think this would have come to this?"

Residents say they have continuously complained to the council, sending photos and videos of how bad the area has become, but have received nothing back.

A local resident who did not wish to be named said: "We cannot use the path and children/elderly have to use the road when it's dark risk hurting themselves. It's got to be a health and safety hazard.

"Wheelchair users cannot even go out now. Kids are coming in with muddy shoes just by walking on the pavement and ruining the carpets.

Inclement weather has made things much worse

"Just because Crown Leys is Social Housing and ethnic minorities live in the two adjoining streets nothing appears to be done, every year is the same!

"This is a green area for the enjoyment of the residents not for car parking, it never was. The council surely have to do something!"

Aylesbury Vale District Council who look after the green area said they were reluctant to displace the parking onto already congested local streets.

They added they were 'aware of the problems caused' by parking on the green area, and said recent weather had further exacerbated the issue in the area as it's so soft.

They said:

"AVDC officers and cabinet members met with mosque representatives, local councillors and representatives of the Housing Association some weeks ago to discuss the issue.

"As a result of this meeting AVDC officers are drawing up a list of possible options for the land that will be discussed with local residents and the police prior to any implementation: but this is going to take several more weeks to finalise.

"We don't want to simply displace the parking onto already congested local streets, that may increase risks to other road users and pedestrians - or impede access for emergency vehicles.

"Meanwhile, we will be arranging for footpaths and any litter to be cleared."