"Whoever did this is a psychopath, he's a nutcase and needs help"

Ed was found with his eye removed last week
Ed was found with his eye removed last week

Amanda Beaumont, whose beloved Alpacas have been victim of a series of brutal mutilations and murders, has hit out at the person doing it.

Hector the Alpaca was found disemboweled in a field on her property in Ludgershall last October.

Hector, left was found disemboweled in a field last year

Hector, left was found disemboweled in a field last year

And just last week, Ed, named after Ed Sheeran was found with his eye surgically removed.

A vet suggested Ed had been drugged in the evening, and the person responsible cut his eye out with a scalpel.

Amanda awoke to the horrifying site of an alpaca still alive, without its eye.

The vets were called, and a vet from Hampden Vets arrived at the scene.

Amanda added: "I've no idea why this is happening. It has to be the same person, they are clearly very sick and need immediate help.

"The police arrived on the scene immediately, and were initially skeptical until the vet explained that how Ed's eye was removed, detached from the optical nerve was in exactly the same manner as she would perform a eye removal.

"It was a clean cut"

They were also deeply concerned that Ed had been drugged prior to the incident.

Amanda has now moved her last remaining Alpaca, Wallace to the field closest to her house.

She has also started a fundraising campaign to help pay for the veterinary costs that will no doubt be expensive, and to help pay for the costs of the removal of Ed's body.

You can donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/amanda-beaumont-1?utm_id=66&utm_term=28yba4erP
Amanda added: "I think anybody who owns livestock in the area should be vigilant.

"I'd just like to thank the police and Holly from Hampden Vets, they were both very helpful.

"This person who's doing this is a nutcase, they need help. This is not the actions of a normal person. They clearly need a lot of help."

Inspector Godfrey from the RSPCA said: “This is terribly sad for the owner and an emotionally difficult job to deal with.

“There is a chance this injury may have been caused by the natural predation of wildlife, however given that another alpaca has recently been injured we can’t rule out that this was done


“If anyone has any information about what has happened here we would urge them to get into contact with us on 0300 123 8018."

Thames Valley Police said in a comment: "We were called at 11.58am on Thursday (14/2) to a report of an alpaca having been attacked in a field in Ludgershall.

"Sadly, the alpaca later died. Anyone with any information about the incident is urged to contact the police by visiting https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/cor/tell-us-about-existing-case-report/ or calling 101, quoting investigation number 4319004811