Vehicle theft in broad daylight reported outside supermarket in Aylesbury

The victim was told that there has been a rise in these type of thefts in recent weeks

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 21st December 2021, 10:27 am

A catalytic converter was stolen from a parked vehicle in a car park in Aylesbury on Friday (December 17).

The vehicle was parked outside the Lidl supermarket in Oakfield Road between 3-3:30pm when the part was taken.

The victim says both police officers and repair shop workers informed him, there had been a rise in catalytic converter thefts in Aylesbury, in recent weeks.

The theft was reported on December 17

Thames Valley Police didn't corroborate this information on request from the Bucks Herald.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson told the Bucks Herald: “Thames Valley Police has received a report of a catalytic converter theft that occurred at around 3.30pm in Oakfield Road on Friday.

“Enquiries are ongoing.

“If anyone has any information they can contact police by calling 101 or making a report online, quoting reference 43210569171.”

After being robbed the victim wanted to warn the rest of the Aylesbury community to ensure they do not fall victim to similar crimes.

He advised that police officers informed him organised crime groups target vehicles in Aylesbury.

Catalytic converters hold value to criminals because of the precious metals contained within, the victim was told.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “Catalytic converters can be stolen in a matter of minutes, with offenders using a jack to raise the vehicle and then sawing off the converter.

“Hybrid vehicles, particularly Honda, Toyota and Lexus models are most commonly targeted.

“With the help of the eyes and ears in our communities, we can disrupt those committing these offences so please report any suspicious activity to police.

“You can protect your vehicle by parking in a protected garage, where possible, or parking in a way that restricts access to the underneath of your vehicle. For example, against a wall or hedge line.

“We also recommend etching or using a security marking product on your catalytic converter so that if it is stolen, we have a better chance of tracing it back to you once it’s recovered and can help bring us those committing these offences to justice.”