"The World is a much darker place without her" - Family pays tribute to Anne Moore-Martin

Ann Moore-Martin
Ann Moore-Martin

Thames Valley Police have released a tribute to Anne Moore-Martin, who was defrauded by Maids Moreton murderer Ben Field.

Ben Field was also on trial for the attempted murder of Ann Moore-Martin, 83, a neighbour of Peter Farquhar's in Maids Moreton.

He was found not guilty on this charge.

Baptist minister's son Ben Field, 28 was also found guilty of the murder of 69-year-old author, Peter Farquhar, formerly of Manor Park, Maids Moreton.

The following tribute is released on behalf of the family of Ann Moore-Martin, after Ben Field was convicted of defrauding her.

“Aunty Ann was the core of our family.

"She wasn’t just an Aunt but a mum/Grandmother and aunt all rolled into one.

“Our lives have all been changed forever and the world is a much darker place without her.

“Aunty Ann was an inspiration to us all. She faced challenges with strength and courage, and always wore a smile even in the face of adversity.

“Ourselves and Peter’s family are united in grief and sorrow but also in love and memories.

“Aunty Ann was a kind, gentle, beautiful soul, who touched so many lives, leaving behind a legacy of wonderful memories.

“We are truly blessed to be able to call her our Aunt.”

Here's a link to the full story here.