Thames Valley Police Union say knife crime rise 'no surprise' after years of cuts

Thames Valley Police Federation Leader, Craig O'Leary
Thames Valley Police Federation Leader, Craig O'Leary

Violent Crime, robberies and sexual offences have increased in Thames Valley, according to Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures.

Knife crime has risen by 19%, violent crime up 40%, sexual offences up by 17% and robberies have also increased by a massive 26%.

Thames Valley Police Federation, who are TVP's union say the figures are 'no surprise' given the years of cuts and austerity policing have faced.

Craig O'leary, speaking on the Thames Talk website said: "The police are doing their absolute best to provide the best possible service that it can to the public, but unfortunately it's doing that against the backdrop of cuts and difficult decisions that are having to be made.

"I would suggest that the Government is not one for listening, they haven't over the past nine years.

"We also need a strong judiciary to enforce sentencing guidelines as well"

Craig suggested that these shocking figures would most likely fall on deaf ears, despite assaults on police officers being put into strong focus with officers on the beat facing 'increasing violence on the streets'.

"My worry is that with the current trend assaults are on the increase. We all want our officers to be safe and our loved ones want us to go to work and be safe.

"We're working hard to make sure we're giving them access to Taser and we've had an uplift in that over the last year or so.

"It's starting to bear fruit but that's not to say we cannot do more."