Thames Valley Police biker sergeant pens heartfelt letter to Buckinghamshire motorcyclists

A Thames Valley Police sergeant has penned a heartfelt letter asking motorcyclists to abide by Government Coronavirus lockdown guidance.
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Mark, from the Roads Policing unit has implored bikers from the Thames Valley Area to only travel for 'essential reasons', to help keep Coronavirus at bay.

He said that as a biker himself, it was with great sadness that his motorcycle had been 'undercover' for nearly eight weeks, as the great weather around the Thames Valley area continues.

Thames Valley Police have continued patrolling local roads during the lockdown, but Mark said a 'small minority' were going out on their bikes for non-essential journeys.

He added that by writing this letter, he hoped that bikers would consider staying at home to help emergency services in the battle against Coronavirus.

He said: "Although some of the Government guidance has changed this week, you still must only travel for essential reasons, such as for work or exercise.

"If your journey is essential then I ask is that you ride responsibly, with consideration for all other road users and within road traffic legislation. We all have a part to play in reducing the strain on the NHS."

Motorbikes make up 1% of road traffic but account for between 20% and 25% of all fatalities on the roads.

The lockdown has effectively meant that 'biking season' has been delayed.

Biking season usually takes place when the weather begins to get better around March - and emergency services normally see a huge surge in bike accidents during this time.

Mark continued: "Skills get rusty when bikes are not used and in the early part of the season we see a lot of examples of those who tried to ride beyond their skills and come off worse for it.

"There are also those collisions involving bikes where other road users are at fault.

"I always say - not being at fault will not make it any less painful as you lie in a hospital bed (which could be put to much better use at the moment), or for the family whose door one of my officers knocks on with the news, that their loved one is not coming home."

He urged that anybody who was going out riding to 'take care' as emergency services are already overrun in the fight against Coronavirus.

He also asked car drivers to please be mindful of their two wheeled fellow road users.

Over the next few weeks, Thames Valley Police Officers will be patrolling on bikes to ensure all round users were staying safe on our roads.

Mark added that those who were caught driving in an antisocial manner would be identified and sanctioned.

Sanctions can include, but are not limited to: Rider Education Schemes, Fixed Penalty Notices, Prosecution, Warning Notices for antisocial riding (where subsequent riding of a similar nature can lead to seizure of the vehicle) and vehicle seizures for licence and insurance offences.

Mark added: "I trust the majority of you will have consideration for all road users, but those that choose not to will be dealt with appropriately. Should you wish to consider looking at improving your biking knowledge and skills, please consider attending one of our Bikesafe sessions"