Shed destroyed by roof-jumping teenagers at pre-school in village near Aylesbury

A group of teenagers were spotted on the roof of a scout and guide centre within the premises

Monday, 16th August 2021, 11:15 am

A group of teenagers were spotted climbing onto the roof of a building within a pre-school in nearby Haddenham.

The incident took place in the evening, last Monday (August 9), at Puddleducks Pre-school it was first reported by

Whilst up on the roof it is believed one of the young men crashed through a nearby shed.

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two acts of vandalism were reported in Haddenham last week

A human-sized hole in the roof of the shed suggests that someone tried to jump from the roof one building onto another and fell straight through.

The boys were initially seen on the Scout and Guide Centre in Banks Park.

The incident has been reported to the Thames Valley Police, the broken shed is by the school to store play equipment.

Reports from the scene suggest the intruder worked his way out of the shed by arranging chairs and using them to climb out.

School staff had to purchase a tarpaulin to make the shed watertight and protect their equipment, reports.

On the same evening a window in the Village Hall was broken.

The incidents have been reported to the police and they will be patrolling the location regularly.

If you are in Banks Park or live nearby or if you are just passing and you see anybody acting suspiciously, please report it to the police by ringing 101 or emailing [email protected]