'Sadist' who tormented University of Buckingham lecturer before killing him was 'evil' and 'cruel' says lead investigator

Peter Farquhar and Ben Field
Peter Farquhar and Ben Field

Baptist minister's son Ben Field, 28, has been found guilty of the murder of 69-year-old author, Peter Farquhar, formerly of Manor Park, Maids Moreton.

Ben Field was also on trial for the attempted murder of Ann Moore-Martin, 83, a neighbour of Peter Farquhar's in Maids Moreton. He was found not guilty of this charge by the jury at Oxford Crown Court.

DCI Mark Glover

DCI Mark Glover

Co-defendant Martyn Smith was found not guilty on all charges against him relating to the murder of Peter Farquhar and conspiracy to murder Ann Moore-Martin, as well as various fraud charges.

Ben Field's younger brother, Tom Field, 24, was charged with fraud in relation to Ms Moore-Martin, but was also found not guilty.

This newspaper sat down to discuss the case with Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Mark Glover on 25 June, where he described Ben Field as “evil, cruel, deceitful, manipulative, controlling.”

Mr Glover became the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) in the now infamous Maids Moreton murder case on 27th March 2017, two weeks after Ben Field and Martyn Smith were arrested by the Aylesbury Fraud CID Office, initially on suspicion of defrauding Ann Moore-Martin.

But this quickly changed after the highly experienced detective became involved in the case. DCI Glover said:

“After a review of the material gathered and having spoken to a few people, the Peter Farquhar scenario raised its head, so in that couple of weeks I had a look at what there was, reviewed it, looked at what kind of hypothesis there would be around it and thought there was enough there to warrant a homicide investigation.”

A key part of Field's plan to benefit from the will of Peter Farquhar was his faking of a romantic relationship with the author and guest lecturer at the University of Buckingham. Field shared a bed with Mr Farquhar and took part in a betrothal ceremony in March 2014.

After killing Peter Farquhar, Ben Field entered into a fake romantic relationship with former headteacher Ann Moore-Martin as a ploy to defraud her - charges which he pleaded guilty to. During the trial at Oxford Crown Court jurors were shown sexually explicit photos of Ben Field and Ann Moore-Martin that Field took on his mobile phone.

Principal investigator DCI Glover told how it all began when Ann Moore-Martin's niece, Anne-Marie Blake, contacted the police.

"Anne-Marie Blake came into the police station after Ann Moore-Martin's admission into hospital in February,” he explained.

“Basically, she expressed concern about a 26-year-old male in a relationship with an 83-year-old female and that her aunt had slowly withdrawn from the family,” he said.

Mr Glover confirmed that Ann Moore-Martin, who died of natural causes on 12 May 2017, passed away before interviews with her were completed, but sadly not before she had realised what befell her. He said:

"I think that period of time she spent in and out of hospital and in the care home prior to her death, Ann realised what had happened to her in terms of Ben tricking her, defrauding her and probably not being in a loving relationship how she thought she was."

He added:

"There was sexual contact between them which becoming public knowledge would have absolutely horrified her - she was a deeply religious lady."

Of his impression of Ben Field's character, Mr Glover said:

“Ben - the domineering, dominant person. In court, I think he does enjoy it. It's centre stage for Ben. Ben is that type of person who wants to stand up and tell everybody about things and use big words that show how clever he is - it's arrogance I suppose. As a person he's obviously evil, cruel, deceitful, manipulative, controlling. I think anything Ben Field does is about Ben Field and nothing else. He admits he got satisfaction from what he did. He actually enjoyed what he did over that period of time to Ann and Peter. He's taken pleasure from inflicting pain, certainly on Peter. I'm sure a psychologist would look at at it and say sociopath, psychopath, sadist, you know, he's been responsible for a lot of torment and pain - physical pain.”

I asked DCI Glover if he had ever seen Ben Field break down. He said that he hadn't and told me the following:

“The only emotion that I've seen from Ben Field is a few laughs at his own little ditties and poems that still amuse him to this day.”

Since the trial was still on-going at the time of the interview, I was keen to learn how concerned Mr Glover was about the verdicts. I asked if he thought Ben was a continuing threat to society. Mr Glover said:

“Ben, yeah absolutely. Ben is a danger to others. He had a list of 100 'clients' including his grandparents, his girlfriend, his brother. Without a doubt Ben is a danger to society. What would have made Ben stop? I don't think anything other than being caught and prosecuted."

Ben Field has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced at a later date.