Retired police woman asks: can you help find this girl?

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If you can help identify the young girl in the picture, then a former police woman would love for you to get in touch.

After digging through old photographs of her time with the police, Brenda Blaken, 80, found one printed in the local paper, that showed her helping a child across the street.

She now hopes to be reunited with the young girl, to solve the mystery of what happened after they parted ways.

Brenda joked: “It would be nice to find her because she’s quite elderly now, perhaps I could help her across the road again.

“It really interested me. You just have these ideas and I wondered if the little girl is still in Aylesbury. I really don’t know, it must be a long shot.”

Having joined police in Buckinghamshire when she was 20, it wasn’t long before the local paper wrote a feature on female police staff, for which the photo of Brenda and the young girl was taken.

Brenda served with police in Aylesbury for four years, starting in 1957. Sixty years on, she has been looking back at how her experiences might differ from those of a female police constable in 2017.

She added: “We didn’t do what the ladies do nowadays: we walked the street and we got to know people, mainly, our station was a place for information.”

Brenda recalls there only being two female constables when she left the service to start a family with her partner.

She continued: “My husband was a policeman and their work was very similar to ours. A lot of constables at that time couldn’t drive, so we were all much the same then doing much the same work.”

Brenda proudly remembers her time as a Woman Police Constable, and despite the prefix ‘woman’ being phased out in 1999, thinks it’s important to recognise females in the field.

“Female police officers are on the same level as the men, and to be completely fair to them they do the same job.”

When pressed on whenever she felt herself to be a pioneer for equality at the time, Brenda said: “Life was just different at the time and all we did was joined in and we really did accomplish a lot.”

Brenda has lived in Buckingham for 30 years.