Residents warning over gangs violently kicking doors and hurling abuse in town near Aylesbury

Spate of door kickings by abusive gangs have been reported

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 12:46 pm

Residents in nearby Princes Risborough have reported gangs violently kicking their doors and hurling abuse on a weekly basis.

People in Risborough have claimed their front doors are being damaged in the incidents.

Some also claimed to have had bottles, apples and conkers hurled at their property.

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Police have been approached for a comment

When confronted, they said the people responsible ‘heckled’ them.

One person, who also claimed to have had their car keyed but could not be sure it was the same group, claimed a neighbour on Bell Street had also had a window smashed.

They asked not to be named for fear of retaliation.

Another resident in Longwick sick with Covid claimed their home had been hit three times in a day, but when they went to the door there was no one there.

Other roads affected include Brooke Road, Ash Road, and Highfield Road.

One person said nightly incidents stopped “when youth club was on”.

“There’s a group of kids who think it’s a good idea once a week to walk up and down Bell Street kicking all the front doors,” a resident told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS).

“It’s not a harmless knock-and-run, they are full on launching themselves into the doors, causing damage.

“We’ve politely asked them to stop but are met with incoherent heckling.

“It’s the sheer ferocity of the door kicks that gets to us. It’s not like a jovial knock-and-run.

“I’ve also had my car keyed and next door had their front window smashed which you don’t expect in Risborough so much.

“I’d wager it’s the same group through inference but don’t have any tangible proof.”

“Hope you get it sorted. Would drive me batty,” replied one person.

“I live at Longwick and someone did that three times at my front door yesterday and I’m isolating and feel terrible with Covid and I kept getting up to find no one there,” replied another local.

“This week at 7.30pm every evening (apart from when youth club was on) we’ve had someone hammering on our door and running away,” replied someone else.

“We had it a couple of years ago, they thrive on the reaction,” replied yet another. “As hard as it is, just don’t rise to it or open the door.”

“Bottle thrown at our door two nights ago,” replied someone.

“There was a group this afternoon walking through Highfield Road launching conkers at people’s property too, about five or six of them,” replied someone else.

“I live in Brooke Road,” replied another. “I had apples at mine. Loud bang and rang the bell yesterday. Of course, nobody there when I went out.”

“Apparently kids [were] jumping on top of cars…on Ash Road and tried to jump onto a digger,” someone else reported. “Same group of kids, I think.”

“Hopefully someone has a doorbell camera to video them,” replied another.

Thames Valley Police was approached for comment.