'Racist' police officer dismissed after gross misconduct hearing

A TVP police officer has been dismissed for racism
A TVP police officer has been dismissed for racism

Following a hearing for gross misconduct, a Thames Valley Police officer has been dismissed from the force without notice.

In this case the independent chair has deemed that we cannot release the details of the officer dismissed due to operational security of other officers working in the force.

On 11 May 2016 the officer in question was attending a training course at the College of Policing in Ryton.

During the course the officer made inappropriate comments of a racist nature, directed toward another student.

Following the incident being reported the officer was asked to leave the course, and subsequently telephoned the person who had made the complaint and secretly recorded the conversation.

The officer's behaviour breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in terms of authority, respect and courtesy, equality and diversity, and discreditable conduct.

The officer was dismissed following a misconduct hearing on 12 January 2016.

Det Ch Insp, Bruce Riddell of Thames Valley Police Professional Standards Department, said: "The officer breached the professional standards expected of all Thames Valley Police officers.

"Racism will not be tolerated within Thames Valley Police and I would hope the dismissal will show that such behaviour is not acceptable if you are an officer or staff working for the Force.

"We are grateful to other officers on the course who reported this officer's behaviour and I would encourage all members and staff working within Thames Valley Police to challenge and report any inappropriate behaviour."