Puppies 'left to die in cage' near Longwick

Photos submitted to the Herald
Photos submitted to the Herald

We've had several reports today of dogs left tied up layby in Longwick, on Lower Icknield Road.

The dogs are next to six caravans, which are allegedly the same group that was moved on from a site in Stokenchurch earlier this week, it is not known whether the dead dogs are related to the site at this stage.

Several people have reported seeing 'dead dogs' in the area they were situated in Stokenchurch - amongst the rubbish left behind.

There are also reports of abandoned dogs at the Longwick site.

The Police and the RSPCA attended the site on Longwick Road yesterday, but no action was taken.

Last night, a person retrieved one of the dogs and took it to the vets, but unfortunately the dog has now died.

The dog was a 4 week old chihuahua.

The vet confirmed that the dog had not had it's vaccinations.

The RSPCA are said to be investigating, but after two calls, nobody has responded.

A source who witnessed the trail of destruction left at the site, said: "I can't believe people would be this cruel to dogs.

"It looks to me like it could be a puppy farm. They clearly aren't treating the dogs well.

"They have been left out in the sun for a long period of time now, god knows if they are being fed.

"I saw what appeared to be a dead dog in the layby yesterday, it's appalling. The police and RSPCA have been down - but nothing is being done."

Witnesses also said a cage of puppies had been left out in direct sunlight, with no sign of food or water nearby.

The site has since been abandoned, with the site left filthy and strewn with rubbish.

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