‘It gets on my nerves’: Plot holder’s anger at repeated damage to Aylesbury allotments

Vandalism at Tring Road Allotments - pictured is plot holder Roger Lammin
Vandalism at Tring Road Allotments - pictured is plot holder Roger Lammin

An allotment holder says he is frustrated and annoyed at the actions of vandals who are repeatedly smashing greenhouses at a plot in Aylesbury.

Roger Lammin, 69, an allotment holder at the Tring Road allotments, says greenhouses have been damaged on a number of occasions over the past month.

Mr Lammin said: “It started before Christmas – every Saturday night for the past three or four weeks the greenhouses have been smashed.

“They started with the sheds and now they are attacking the greenhouses.

“I’ve had my plot about four or five years now and although there have been odd incidents we’ve never had it happening regularly like this before.”

The site is managed by Aylesbury Town Council, however when approached by the Herald it said it did not wish to comment on the matter.

Mr Lammin added: “The fact that this damage is happening upsets me – it gets on my nerves.

“I worry that if I repair my greenhouse it will just get broken again.

“Some people have had plots of land here for 30 or 40 years.

“A few new greenhouses were put up last year, but now these are destroyed.

“I suspect it is probably teenagers, there is no sign of drug-taking and I don’t think they’ve been drinking beer.”

Mr Lammin said he had contacted the police to report the damage, however they also did not respond to the Herald’s request for comment.

The Tring Road site has 92 plots of land.