Fighting fit: Aylesbury actor Carr back on screen again

Brendan Carr (second from right) in a scene from his new film
Brendan Carr (second from right) in a scene from his new film

An Aylesbury actor has made a return to film after less than a year spent recovering from a virus which paralysed the right hand side of his face.

Brendan Carr, 32, was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy in July, forcing him to give up his love for being behind the camera.

But having now recovered he believes the condition, which fellow actors George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan suffered with, could make his career.

He said: “I had no doubt in my mind that I would be at some point get back behind the camera, I just was not sure how long it would be.

“It’s going to make my career or break it for me. I won’t know if it will help out.”

In his latest film, He Who Dares, he plays ‘Sanchez’ part of an SAS rescue squad and Mr Carr did not hold back on acting out all his own stunts.

“Although I am not 100% recovered I’m about 90% and the ongoing problems are not things you would notice unless I pointed them out to you,” he said.

“I get good days and bad days and I’m still very positive I will see a full recovery.”

Mr Carr said he only ever really questioned his future once, though.

“The only point I was worried was when I didn’t know what was going on,” he said.

“When the doctors didn’t know what was happening I did think ‘Oh, no’. I thought it was a stroke but they were convinced it was a brain haemorrhage.”

The father of three admitted it was hard for friends and family but he was less worried after researching the condition.

Mr Carr said: “They are all very happy I’m OK now.

“Some friends were like ‘Jesus it just doesn’t look like you, your whole face is gone.’”

The actor, who trains at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, said he was supported by paraplegics who use the gym and understood his situation could have been far worse.

Mr Carr’s last film, Warrioress, will be out on DVD later this year.