Dramatic scenes as police chase man by car and on foot in Watermead last night

The incident happened just after 9pm on Monday

By Reporter
Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 9:04 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 1:42 pm

There were dramatic scenes last night as police chased a man first by car then on foot in Watermead, Aylesbury.

An eyewitness watched events unfold as an undercover police car on blue lights chased a silver car - believed to be a Ford Fiesta or Zetec - into the picturesque Aylesbury village.

The suspect sped into the Watermead car park and turned off his lights before parking in the hope he wouldn't be spotted.

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But the undercover car located the vehicle and a chase ensued on foot.

"The driver of the silver car jumped out and was chased across the car park by an undercover officer on foot," an eyewitness told The Bucks Herald.

"The officer came close to getting him but he was too quick and managed to circle around the car park being chased before running off into the estate. The officer followed him. It all happened very quickly and it was like watching a scene from a TV show as I was tucking my kids into bed."

A marked BMW X5 police car then raced onto Watermead to join the hunt while other officers remained with the suspect's car.

Police chased the suspect into Watermead car park before pursuing him as he fled on foot

"I lost patience waiting to see if they got him but they were in the car park with torches waiting around for some time," the eyewitness added.