Careless youths smash window at refurbished Greggs store in Aylesbury

The incident happened at around 2pm on Wednesday

Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 3:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 3:34 pm
Damage to the Greggs window

A group of careless youths made off on foot through Aylesbury Town centre having smashed the window of the recently refurbished Greggs store this afternoon.

A small group of youngsters were standing on Aylesbury High Street outside the popular Greggs store when one boy pushed another into the window cracking it.

On seeing the damage the laughing youths ran off through Aylesbury Town centre in the direction of Market Square.

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Fortunately for the boys, the window did not completely shatter and no-one was injured.

But the glass will now need to be made safe and replaced.

The store remains open this afternoon.

Speaking to The Bucks Herald an eyewitness said: "These kids clearly have nothing better to do during half-term than get up to mischief. We were all young once and did stupid things. But watching them run off laughing left a sour taste in the mouth. It caused quite a scene.

"They're actually very lucky the boy who was pushed into the glass was not hurt. Had that big window completely shattered he - and anyone nearby - could have been seriously hurt.

"Greggs are a big company so the repair won't affect them. But imagine if that was a charity shop or one of our local independents, they would have to claim on insurance and life is difficult enough for small business owners without things like that. Let's hope they learn a lesson from this at the very least."