Buckinghamshire 'one of the least supportive' counties in the UK for transgender people according to report

A study conducted in 632 English Counties showed that Buckinghamshire was one of the least supportive counties towards the transgender community in the United Kingdom.

By Thomas Bamford
Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 12:31 pm
Marteen Pringle accepting an award at the no to hate crime awards this year
Marteen Pringle accepting an award at the no to hate crime awards this year

A study conducted by Unheard polled tens of thousands of people across the United Kingdom.

They were asked to rate on a scale whether the agreed on the following statement.

"It is acceptable for adolescent children to make their own decisions about their gender identity"

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The scale of responses were rated from mildly agree to strongly disagree.

40% of respondents disagreed with the statement.

12% of respondents strongly disagreed with the statement.

The only less supportive place in the entirety of the UK was Braknell in Berkshire.

The Bucks Herald spoke to Stonewall Charity to discuss how people can support the their local transgender communities.

A Stonewall spokesperson said: "Trans people are facing horrific levels of harassment and intimidation in their daily lives.

"Our 2018 Trans Report revealed that one in eight trans employees (12 per cent) have been physically attacked at work, while two in five trans people (41 per cent) have experienced a hate crime or incident in the last year.

"If we want to improve life for trans people, we need more people and organisations to stand up as visible, vocal allies."

Marteen Pringle, a local transgender activist however has contested the report, and saying it doesn't 'ring true' with her experiences in the local community.

Marteen said: "I have to say I was quite shocked when I read the report.

"That's certainly not what I've found in the Aylesbury community. It's a very trans friendly place.

"I think the questions is quite loaded. When young adults want to begin the process of transitioning their gender, it's not like you can snap your fingers and the process will begin.

"It takes years. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. After the first appointment there will be at least a 30 month wait and then another year after their second.

"Following this they may prescribe hormones and then have a psychiatric evaluation. The process can take up to six years.

"I don't think this report is a reflection of Buckinghamshire. For example we have a transgender night every month at Pink Punters in Bucks, and there's 100s of people there.

"Young adults can make a decision on their identities at this age, but there is no short route to transition and there are processes in place to ensure this is not a decision taken lightly.

"But i think the main takeaway from this is that the transgender community is accepted in Buckinghamshire and people have no need to fear who they are.

"We've got a great support group in Aylesbury and this report was very suprising!"