Aylesbury thieves stoop to new low

A new low for Aylesbury's crime fraternity?
A new low for Aylesbury's crime fraternity?

A few weeks ago, Aylesbury theives stole items from a a parked up ambulance in what you'd have thought would be as low as criminals can go.

You can read about that incident here.

However, last night - Aldi in Aylesbury Shopping Park was broken into, with thieves taking five charity collection tins for children with cancer.

The despicable crime was alleged to have taken place at 1am last night.

Thames Valley Police posted to their facebook page: "If it wasn't bad enough that someone smashed the window of Aldi in Aylesbury around 1am last night they also stole 5 charity collection pots for a children's cancer charity!!

"Clearly we would be very interested in tracking down the slim, white male in his early 40s who was seen committing this crime. Please call us on 101 if you have any information. #4625 #howlowcanyougo"