Aylesbury man given suspended jail sentence for lying about previous convictions in order to get job

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A man from Aylesbury has been given a suspended jail sentence for falsely claiming he had no previous convictions in order to get a job.

Jonathan Croxton, 26, of Churchill Avenue was found guilty of fraud by false representation.

The offences took place on November 6 2015 in Aylesbury and were against a company.

Croxton was interviewed for a job at a store and was asked if he had any previous convictions that were unspent under the Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974 and he replied ‘no’.

This was a dishonest and false representation for him to make as he knew he had previously been convicted of theft of cash from a former employer, which was unspent.

Croxton was ordered to pay a £250 fine on top of the suspended sentence.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Richard Bazeley said: “This is a clear offence of dishonesty and although on first glance it may appear victimless, it has resulted in another candidate not gaining employment.

“Croxton intended to gain employment and ultimately wages for a job he knew he would not get if he owned up to have previously stolen from an employer. “Thames Valley Police will deal with all offences of this nature robustly.”