Aylesbury man given jail sentence for breaching anti-social behaviour injunction

He was found to have repeatedly broken injunction stopping him from visiting a property in the Gatehouse area of the town

By Thomas Bamford
Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:16 pm
Updated Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:44 pm

Window fitter Ken Connett has been jailed for two months for breaching an anti social behaviour injunction imposed on behalf of Aylesbury Vale Housing Trust on 31st January 2019.

He was banned from attending a property on Goldswain End in Aylesbury.

Despite this, Connett was repeatedly found by police at Goldswain End.

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He will now spend time in Jail

On May 29 2019, he was found at the property.

Following this, he was sent to prison for 28 days suspended for one year.

Then on August 27 2020 the police were called to Goldswain End in the early hours of the morning where officers found Connett hiding in a 'service cupboard'.

He was shouting and causing a nuisance outside the property.

He was again sentenced - this time to two months in prison - suspended for two years.

When he was sentenced in August last year, his Honour Judge Perusko made the following remarks: “I would be justified in sending you to prison today. There is no doubt about that. I am going to give you a sentence of two months' imprisonment. I am going to suspend it for two years. You keep your nose clean for two years, and longer. The next time you come back for breach, it will be a long stretch, probably six months or so. I am giving you a chance, not because it is a Friday afternoon, but because you have kept your nose clean for a year. Keep your nose clean for much longer this time. All right?”

But just months later on December 20 2020 Connett was arrested yet again by a police officer on suspicion of breaching the injunction.

When police came to arrest Connett, he was found hiding under a mattress at the property he had been banned from visiting.

This time the judge was not so lenient and said Connett had shown 'disregard for court orders'.

District Judge Lynch said: "A fine alone cannot be justified for this breach. The appropriate starting point is six weeks imprisonment.

"Whilst I accept that imprisonment will cause you hardship, the breach that you have admitted is serious, and flagrant, and it is the third breach of this injunction, whether you intended to cause a disturbance or not.

"An immediate custodial sentence is merited. I sentence you to six weeks for the single breach. That is the shortest period of time I consider appropriate for the contempt of court."

The judge also decided to activate the two-month suspended sentence issued by HHJ Hughes in 2020 and he was sentenced to two months in jail.