Aylesbury 18-year old Dylan Madden sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted murder

Dylan Madden, aged 18 was today sentenced to 14 years in prison, with two on license for attempted murder and possession of a firearm.
Dylan Madden, aged 18Dylan Madden, aged 18
Dylan Madden, aged 18

Dylan had become a drug runner during his time at school, aged just 17 years old.

He would deliver drug packages on his bike.

The court heard he had become embroiled in a row with another person involved in the drug dealing chain, whom he owed £800.

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This led to a showdown in an Alley near North Drive, Stoke Mandeville in December where Dylan fired a single barrelled sawn off shotgun twice shouting 'I'm going to kill you' at the other involved person who was believed to be 'higher in the drug dealing chain' than Dylan.

The injuries sustained by the blast meant the person shot had to have his hand amputated as surgeons attempted to save his life.

Judge Sheridan said: "Drug dealing is the work of the devil.

"Using a sawn off shotgun to enforce debts is abhorrent, and I will not confine the people of Walton court to the work of the devil.

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"You tried to mislead the court in claiming the dispute was over the sale of a bicycle, but this was not the case.

"You claimed you did not know you were delivering drugs, but this has been proven to be a lie.

"This was not an impulsive attack, this was pre-planned. There was a clear intent to kill. That you would kill for the trivial amount of £800 shows you are capable of immense violence, and you are of a very significant risk to the general public."

He was found guilty by a unanimous verdict on Thursday 29 August following a two-week trial at Aylesbury Crown Court.

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On 10 December 2018, at around 1am, the victim, a 25-year-old man was shot and sustained injuries to his hand and face in an alley just off North Drive in Aylesbury.

Madden was charged on 13 March this year.

Judge Sheridan went on to praise the detective work of Susan Price, the police officer involved in the case, who cancelled a holiday to ensure the investigation was properly overseen.

He said: "This was quite simply a brilliant piece of detective work, piecing together circumstantial evidence put together meticulously.

"She is an outstanding officer, and I have recommended the High Sheriff award a special commendation for this most outstanding piece of police work."

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Detective Inspector, James Mather, of Force CID based at Aylesbury police station, said: “I would like to commend my officers in this complex investigation, who worked tirelessly in order to bring Madden to justice.

“The use of firearms will not be tolerated in Aylesbury, or anywhere in the Thames Valley, and police will always deal robustly with those who wish to possess or use them.

“This long and complex investigation shows the lengths we will go to in order to bring offenders like Madden to justice.

“I am pleased with today’s sentence passed down at Aylesbury Crown Court, as it demonstrates the stern approach taken by the courts towards offenders who use firearms in our communities.

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“The victim in this incident was lucky not to have died as a result of this incident, and I would commend his bravery for having to endure a trial and giving evidence.

“This incident demonstrates the dangers of possessing firearms.”