Another pet owner comes forward after her beloved cat is found dead

Misty was 18 just months old.
Misty was 18 just months old.

Sherrie Carter from Kingsbrook has been in touch after our article yesterday after she found her beloved Norweigan Forest cat Misty murdered.

After an expensive post mortem from Pets at Home, costing £700, the results came back which showed that the cat had been poisioned by antifreeze.

Here's the link to our original story published yesterday (17/0718) where Bryn's beloved three rabbits were found mutilated and decapitated.
Misty was 18 months old.

Her cat was murdered on the 16 July.

Sherrie Carter, who lives on the Kingsbrook estate: "I have an oriental cat too, so I'm worried about Milo too. My cats normally never ever leave my garden, so i knew something was wrong as soon as she didn't appear. I knew it was malicious.

"I'd been up late Sunday evening/Monday morning taking my toddler to A&E - and she was fine at 3 in the morning when we got back. However, on Monday morning sge didn't come back for her breakfast. I was worried but then i found her body and was devastated.

"She was a wonderful big grey fluffball and I will miss her dearly."