Crematorium plans given the green light

Site of the crematorium being built at Cane End Lane, Bierton
Site of the crematorium being built at Cane End Lane, Bierton

Plans to build a second crematorium within two miles of one already under construction has been given the green light.

The Chilterns Crematorium Joint Committee (CCJC), which operates the crematorium at Amersham, has been granted permission to build a new crematorium at Bierton.

Crematorium building works are due to start within the next few weeks at Watermead, which will mean that the outskirts of Aylesbury will house two new facilities.

The CCJC resubmitted its planning application to the Aylesbury Vale District Council on October 14 after the original planning permission was quashed in March 2015 after Westerleigh Group, which is responsible for the Watermead build, instigated a judicial review.

Cllr Michael Smith chairman of the CCJC stated “Whilst there has been a hiatus in the process the CCJC has remained committed to delivering the new crematorium. We already provide a very good and well regarded service to residents at the Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham and are looking forward to using these skills and experience to provide services at Bierton.”

Work is expected to start in the spring once the protected great crested newts which are breeding near the site are moved for their protection during construction.