County Show: ‘No trouble’, says anti-fox hunting campaigner

Katie Angus, an anti-fox hunting campaigner who had somewhat controversially been given a stand at the show, said there was ‘no trouble’ as a result of her appearance.

Friday, 28th August 2015, 3:34 pm
Bucks County Show 2015. The Old Berkeley Beagles.

Reluctant to be photographed by the Herald, Katie, who started a campaign calling on Bucks County Show to ban hunts and hounds from the grounds, said county show officials had no choice but to let her have a stand after support for her petition topped 115,000.

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Katie said: “It’s been great actually and we’ve had a lot of support.

“There have been one or two who have come over and said ‘I’ve got an opinion’ and we’ve talked about it but there’s been no trouble. Next year I’ll hopefully do it again.”