County Show: Britain’s most famous farmer?

Countryfile’s popular resident farmer and presenter Adam Henson proved a hit with visitors to the county show.

Friday, 28th August 2015, 3:36 pm
Bucks County Show 2015. Celebrity farmer, Adam Henson. PNL-150827-182428009

Mr Henson is probably the most famous farmer in the country, at least as far as non farming people are concerned, thanks to his high profile on the Sunday evening BBC television programme.

But he bashfully denied this when it was put to him. He said: “That’s very flattering of you to say that, but it’s not true. British farming has improved its public relations profile and is very professional with getting its message across to the public.

“And the National Farmers Union has done a great deal with helping that.You often see positive stories now about farming in the mainstream media, and in glossy magazines.

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Bucks County Show 2015. Celebrity farmer, Adam Henson. PNL-150827-182521009

“Countryfile does have high viewing figures and it is so important to bridge that urban divide. That’s where Bucks County Show is so important, it is important to engage with the public and with the consumer and promote the importance of buying British.”

Mr Henson, who is co owner of Cotswold Farm Park in Gloucestershire, was a guest of Porthaven Care Homes at the show, and gave four half hour talks in their very plush marquee.

He has worked with Porthaven for some time now after being asked to speak to their residents about his life as a farmer and his work on Countryfile.

Sean Kime, commercial director of Porthaven, said: “This is our first time at the show, the whole event is new to us. We have three homes in Buckinghamshire and are trying to increase our profile in the area. We have a number of speakers at our homes and Adam fits with the profile of the county show. He has always been supportive and has done fantastic events for us with lots of atmosphere.”

Bucks County Show 2015. Celebrity farmer, Adam Henson. PNL-150827-182510009

Inbetween talks Mr Henson took the chance to look around the showground and lots of visitors asked to have their photographs taken with him and subsequently posted them on social media.

Mr Henson said: “I am away from the farm a lot now, filming for Countryfile. I don’t do as much practical farming as I’d like to do, but I have a great team and it’s a bonus for us as a tourist attraction that I’m on the telly.

“The money I earn goes back into the farm. My face won’t fit forever. I’m making hay while the sun shines.”