Council Tax in Bucks set to rise by nearly 5%

Buckinghamshire County CouncilBuckinghamshire County Council
Buckinghamshire County Council
Buckinghamshire County Council have published their planned budget for the next four years, and are looking to the public for feedback.

The councils “cabinet-approved” draft revenue and capital budgets for the next four financial years, from 2018/19 to 2021/22, is up for consultation until Wednesday January 17.

Included in the draft is a 4.99% increase to Council Tax this coming year, and a 1.99% in 2019/2020. 3% of the total will go towards funding adult social care.

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The report says the rise “reflects the decision last year to accept the additional flexibility in the Adults Social Care Precept and to increase it by the maximum 3% for 2017/18 and 2018/19, and have a 0% Adults Social Care Precept in 2019/20.”

The survey has only one question, calling for Buckinghamshire residents to write whatever comments they choose.

This year, the council have established three strategic priorities which the budgets are intended to reflect. They are: safeguarding the vulnerable, creating opportunities and building self-reliance, keeping Bucks thriving and attractive.

The Council say: “These strategic plan priorities, along with results from the council’s budget consultation, which took place in Autumn 2017, have used by the Councils Cabinet in developing the approved draft budget.”

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“Considerations were given both in terms of identifying areas of service delivery to protect and identifying options for delivering savings.”

To view the draft budget report, head here, and to take part in the survey, head to this link.

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