Council release funds to improve Kingsbury and Market Square

Council release funds to improve Kingsbury and Market Square
Council release funds to improve Kingsbury and Market Square

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) has approved a proposed £4.5million package of improvements to Kingsbury and Market Square in Aylesbury town centre, fulfilling actions in the Aylesbury Town Centre Plan.

At a meeting of its full Council on Wednesday 19 September, AVDC agreed to invest in the rejuvenation of the public spaces.

The planned investment into Kingsbury and Market Square will address the operational and aesthetic challenges, while making improvements to the safety, sustainability and accessibility of the areas.

The improvements will also look to emphasise Kingsbury as the gateway to the old town, celebrating Aylesbury’s rich heritage as a market town.

As a continuation of what is already being achieved within ‘The Exchange’ development, the vision for both Kingsbury and Market Square includes creating a more attractive environment for residents, visitors and businesses, whilst helping the local economy by enhancing it’s presence as a key retail, catering and leisure hub - as defined in the Aylesbury Town Centre Plan.

The funding will be sourced from specifically earmarked funding and grants, including: existing Section 106 funding allocated to Aylesbury town centre, Heritage Lottery Funding Townscape Grants and the New Homes Bonus. This will enable AVDC to achieve its prospects without withdrawing focus from the council’s core services.

Councillor Julie Ward, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities, said: “Recognising the importance of creating a great environment to help form a first impression is critical to the success of attracting people to a town, whether to shop, socialise, live or work.

“AVDC’s further investment into growing and improving the town centre public spaces aims to greatly impact the town’s ability to attract and secure investment, highlight the character of the town and enhance the civic-pride and wellbeing of existing residents and visitors to the town. It is what our residents deserve.

“It’s probable that any work on these public spaces will be phased rather than carried out at the same time to minimise disruption to our local residents and businesses.”

You can take a look at the full Aylesbury Town Centre Plan by visiting: